We believe
is a breakthrough
for children
learning English

lively, easy, intuitive speed learning

full understanding and excellent pronunciation

Intuitive learning is fundamentally and
absolutely suitable for
the whole ability range
from "high flyers” to "slow learners”.

Teachers and parents can enjoy
complete support through the
Absolutely Engish Comprehensive Toolkit
and supplementary notes for each Fun book.

The best ideas are the easiest to realise!

Absolutely English is
three times
quicker than conventional approaches.

e.g. In the first school year of English

(50 hours contact time, 68 USt)

Absolutely English covers over 1300 words in context.

Click here for a summary as pdf.

Conventional courses cover about
300 words.

"Fun 1” comments
(translated from the german original)

This is how to enjoy learning English!
...makes it playful and easy.
Can you take "Fun 1” to school?
Yes, of course, it is really suitable
for English lessons.

– South-West Radio
– Children’s Programmes
März 2004

A super, exciting and fun idea...
Thrilling music and plenty of stimulation…

Folkmagazin Nr. 250 Dez. 2003

An inspiring children’s book...
and (it) doesn’t just appeal to children…
and incidentally (they) learn English.
The title "Fun” is a very good description.

rocknews Jan/Feb 2004