Barn und Square Dance

Danced with swing, easy to learnfor all – including those with two left feet.

Quickly and entertainngly explained (English or German)

Andy, as Caller, will provide Live-Music or Recorded Music and a P.A. system.

Particularly successful for Weddings, Birthdays and Firm Festivals.

Can be combined with Variety, Entertainment, Songs, Music.

My programme is particularly suitable for inexperienced dancers. My dances are interesting and give the impression of being challenging In fact they are easy for everyone to learn – explained once, walked through once and then danced, always with my assistance.

I have collected and refined the dances during my time as Dance Band Leader with many different callers (15 years) and during 15 years as caller myself. They do not include dance steps as it is my experience that these dance steps are too demanding for beginners to learn and would, if required, spoil the fun for many.

I concentrate on

  • Expertise
  • Trainer ability
  • Humour / Entertainment