Chidren’s Joining in Show

An English World

Successfully Performed over 150 times. Custom-made shows for every event and for ages from 4 to 104 years old. Youth workshops.

Action and stories in songs and english dances – supported with theatre, movement, costume, props for good understanding. During a Show of 45 – 55 Minuten every child sings and speaks about 1.600 english words in context.

Newspaper article (translated)

Resse (Germany) The Langenhagener “Englishman” Andy Reed was recently guest in the primary school in Resse and entertained the third and fourth year children in his special way. “We could sometimes speak German but first of all I’ll try everything in English.” he said. One day he discovered his musical and comic talent and decided to combine these with his wide educational experience. (Head of a Primary School in Germany, Secondary Co-ordinator in an International School, Head of Mathematics Department in a Comprehensive School in England)

The result is an excellent mix of entertainment and playful learning of the English language. The pupils and teachers sit in a circle and everybody takes part. Jumping up, sitting down, forcing a grin and wobbling the bottom are just a few of the things with which everyone joins in. It was hardly surprising that after the initial slight embarrassment everyone had a lot of fun and the English expressions went straight into the bloodstream. Drawing on his experience as entertainer, singer, musician and teacher Andy showed a playful English world, that every child immediately sung, joined-in and understood…

For large and small groups. Generally schools plan shows to start every 60 minutes – show about 55 minuts, change of group 5 minutes. Many schools prefer a show per class. Six shows in one day are possible. The Show is generally acoustic. Andy provides all props and costumes and a music system for the dance music.

Andy Reed

Author, Entertainer, Singer, Musician, Caller, Speaker and Workshop Leader (In-service teacher training)


  • Junior School: Head (Germany)
  • International School: Secondary Coordinator (Germany)
  • Comprehensive Secondary School: Head of Mathematic Department (UK)
  • Technical translator (Germany)
  • Farmer (UK)
  • Au-pair boy (Vienna, Austria)